Jill Theofelis - Reiki

Jill Theofelis

Position: Reiki
Categories: Healer, Reiki
Location: Washington State

My name is Jill Theofelis. I’m a West Seattle native, born and raised. Burnout from decades in a high-stress medical career and upheaval in my life lead me to Reiki. Its uplifting yet calming energy soothed my soul and brought me clarity.

It’s an amazing modality that can shift your energy in the best way possible. It can be a wonderful complement to other therapy and healing modalities. I’m so thankful Reiki found its way into my life and I’d love the chance to share it with you! When I’m not performing Reiki, I love to spend time reading, going for walks, enjoying music, taking photos, and spending time with my Frenchie.