AZ Partner Robin Pool

Robin Pool

Position: Starseed Astrologer | Spiritual Coach | Spirit Guide Channel | Card and Bone reader
Categories: Astrology, Coaching, Tarot

Have you looked up your astrology chart on sites or apps, but now you’re ready to understand how all the parts go together?

Or maybe you’re a Starseed or Sensitive Soul looking for advice on getting the most out of your life on earth, stuck in the land between spiritual gifts and mental health challenges?

(I’ve had both, and I love helping people find their way by sharing the techniques Spirit has used to help me find mine….)

We’ll combine insight from your astrology chart (including a special Starseed analysis with Neptune and Fixed Stars), input from Spirit guides – yours and mine – and 20 years of coaching experience to pinpoint your strengths and challenges. Together, we’ll overcome obstacles that stand between you and a wonderful time on this planet!

I want to help you get unstuck and love living here!

So everyone can get the help they need, I can work on a sliding scale. We’ll discuss what fits your budget!

I deeply appreciate the work of Awkwardly Zen and also offer special discounts for members. Check out this month’s promotion or contact me to see what’s available!

You can learn more about my practice, hear from past clients, and check out my Starseed astrology blog at Photo by Michael Weller, Portland, OR.