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Robin Pool

Position: Intuitive Coaching | Lenormand Cards | Inner Path and Mythic Archetype Astrology | Runework and Craft
Categories: Astrology, Coaching, Lenormand

Feeling lost or overwhelmed? Seeking the next step on your journey or increased connection with your Higher Self or Spirit Guides? Maybe you just need practical advice for life’s challenges. In over a quarter-century navigating rocky spiritual and personal paths (mine and thousands of others’!)

I’ve learned that our inner strengths always provide resources for the next challenge: what seems like old scrap is often the source of new steel. When life feels like a compulsory membership to the personal growth gym. I try to be part coach / part cheerleader, bolstering strength to overcome and avoiding the many ways we tear ourselves down even without meaning to.

Learn how to harness your spiritual support team or discover the power in your chart’s mythology asteroids. (It’s 10 pm. Do you know where your inner Isis is?)

Together, we will work to uncover the right encouragement and fan your flame, partnering with the Spirit of Love to find your inspiration and springboard your life into the next stage. You deserve all the help and joy the universe has to give!