Meetup and Events Rules & Guidelines


Awkwardly Zen was created as a place to be awkwardly yourself on your spiritual path. There is no right and wrong here and we welcome all! You can join us on Meetup for one of our Zen Zooms (an open conversation about spirituality) or one of our other events where we’ll bring in experts to teach and guide. Just come with an open mind and spirit and participate as much or as little as you want!


    Love & Light Please!

    There are many ways to be spiritual so there is no right or wrong. You can disagree but please hold space for someone to have a different point of view.


    No Drama!

    Be kind and let’s attempt to steer clear of anything too controversial.



    You are responsible for your own experience here. Please do your own research. If you are not resonating with something, feel free to pop out, but we hope you come back and see us again sometime!


    No “Should”ing!

    Let’s not “should” one another here. “I have experienced…” instead of “You should…” feels SOOOOO much better.


    Medical Disclaimer!

    We are not Doctors or Therapists. We can not cure, diagnose, or provide any sort of medical recommendations. Please see a healthcare or mental healthcare provider should you need one.



    Some of our events are recorded, and we will tell you when that is. We ask that no personal recording takes place. Zen Zooms and Forums will never be recorded for privacy. 



    • How much you participate is up to you. 
    • If you don’t want to participate, it is recommended that you turn off your camera. 
    • Stay muted unless the moderator tells you it’s your turn to talk. 
    • You can raise your reaction hand to get in line to speak. You can also raise your hand in your camera, and the moderator will do their best to catch that. 
    • If you’d rather participate in the chat, please know that the moderators will be prioritizing the main room and the chat is very challenging to keep up with. Please keep the chats on topic and allow others to enjoy the connection of the community in the main room. 
    • We “Hand Waggle” here. Throw those hands up and shake them to show support or agreement! 
    • If in a Zen Zoom, you can promote your business in the chat during the beginning of the Zen Zoom or when specifically requested by Moderator. 
    • Please turn off your camera if you are doing something distracting, and as always, please remain clothed at ALL times while on camera at an Awkwardly Zen event. 

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