Ari Hunniford - Tarot

Ari Hunniford

Position: Psychic Tarot | Elements | Coaching
Categories: Coaching, Elements, Tarot
Location: Colorado

After losing her son to his battle with Mental Health, Ari found herself on a path to find more value & connection in life. As Source walked her into exploring Spirituality, Ari found that so many people felt alone in their spiritual journeys or didn’t feel safe to share. So with the channeled guidance of her team and the help of many awesome spiritual seekers and practitioners, Awkwardly Zen was born to create a safe space for your spiritual path.

Ari’s Offerings:

Psychic Tarot Readings: We’ll connect with your team (could be Guides, Angels, Ancestors or more!) and pull some cards and see what messages come through.

Elements Readings: I’ll do a pre-reading by connecting into the Universal Consciousness and come to our reading with some automatic writing. Then we’ll tap into each element and see what guidance they have for you.

Channeled Coaching Sessions: Feeling off and need to connect with spirit to see what guidance may come through?  Ari will use various spiritual tools and work with your spiritual team to see what we can do to help!

60 Minute Sessions for $111. Love & Light Members get 25% Off and Level Up Members+ get 50% Off. Please let me know if you qualify for a discount when you book. 25% or more of all readings goes back to Awkwardly Zen.