Charles Cox Medium

Charles Cox

Position: Spiritualist Minister | Psychic Medium
Categories: Medium, Psychic
Location: Colorado

Charles Cox is a Medium, Spiritualist Minister & Teacher. He recently became Minister Ameritas with Sunset Spiritualist Church after 30 years of service as minister. Sunset Spiritualist Church is one of America’s oldest Spiritualist organizations, first organized in 1881. Charles has done psychic medium readings for most of 40 years with clients throughout the country and internationally. In 2009, he formed the Denver Psychic Development Group which has hosted over 900 events and seen thousands of attendees over the years, His straight-forward, no nonsense approach to mediumship and spirituality has made him a popular speaker invited to speak around the Denver area in traditional churches as well as other metaphysical oriented groups.

In addition to teaching classes, Charles coaches emerging readers to refine and focus their natural skills. Not everyone is on-track to do this work as a living but one-on-one mentorship to achieve a closer relationship to spirit can benefit anyone interested in exploring their spiritual sides.

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