AZ Practitioner: Colleen Taylor

Colleen Taylor

Position: Energy Worker | Reiki Practitioner | Shamanic Practices
Categories: Healer, Reiki
Location: Colorado

Hello, I’m Colleen Taylor founder of Perpetual Wisdom LLC. I am a Certified Reiki Master, Seraphic Wisdom Practitioner and Transformer of Shadow.

My Shamanic Reiki healing is about bringing in universal life force energy and with your intention setting, to help clear and remove energetic blocks, working on the emotional/physical/mental, and spiritual bodies. I also implement crystals, sound healing and other shamanic tools and journeying to assist in this work. Reiki generally will leave one with a deep relaxed feeling, bringing harmony and balance back into your life.

I set the sacred space for your healing and am here to assist in the facilitation of the energy and experience, I become the hollow bone. It is a collaboration between you and your helping spirits. Shamanism is about direct revelation. Your helping spirits, guides, and power animals are waiting to communicate with you. I am a huge advocate of you knowing and feeling this direct experience. This creates an opening to experience your own soul’s wisdom.

Services vary depending on need, and my shamanic practice continues to expand. I often journey to my helping spirits for a diagnosis and insight on the healing needed. This allows me to get my ego out of the way. I would be honored to assist you.