Donielle Saxton - Psychic

Donielle Saxton

Position: Psychic | Intuitive | Tarot | Oracle
Categories: Oracle, Psychic, Tarot

Donielle assists people in finding their Joy, Peace & Power. Do you have important issues you are facing? Need clear answers? Looking for assistance clearing around an issue? Let’s answer your questions using dowsing, oracle cards, clairvoyance, and powerful insights. I encourage you to make informed decisions and learn to follow your own inspiration.

Donielle has training and experience with Dowsing, oracle card reader, intuitive/psychic, medium, and energy worker who can facilitate an experience of Reconnecting to your Soul, your Soul Passions, and your Inspired actions.

Using energy work, dowsing, reiki, oracle cards, shamanic tools, and intuitive/psychic/medium abilities, we can explore and help you, as a Being, Reconnect with your Soul & Divine guidance.