Douglas Pratt Past LIfe Regression

Douglas K Pratt, MSW

Position: Interlife Spiritual Journey | Past Life Regression | Psychospiritual Therapy
Categories: Past Lives, Therapy
Location: Colorado

I am a licensed psychotherapist. I have been working with folks for over 30 years. My sole focus is to assist clients to advance on their spiritual path and enhance their spiritual awakening. Interlife Spiritual Journey is based on the Life Between Lives work of Michael Newton, Ph.D.

The Interlife Spiritual Journey uses guided imagery to assist you into an altered state where your conscious mind and ego filters are greatly decreased. In this altered state you are directed to a personal sacred space. With your permission, we invite your spiritual guide/s to join you in this space. Your spiritual guides are intimately familiar with you and your soul. They know the issues you have mastered and those that are being presented in this life today. They know exactly what will serve you best in this very moment to assist you with moving forward on your path. They may give specific ideas or direction and you may feel their nudging. They only desire the very best for you so you can continue to move forward and spiritually awaken. These guides may take you to a specific place in the physical or non-physical world, lead you to specific past life, direct you to fears and blocks that are getting in the way of your growth and/or share specific information with you that is relevant to your life today. With this collaboration of yourself, myself and your guides we are able to help you to continue to move forward on your spiritual path.

I offer Interlife Spiritual Journey, Past Life Regression, and Psychospiritual Therapy an ongoing therapy which is a combination of traditional psychotherapy with the assistance of spiritual guides.