AZ Partner Katie Christensen

Katie Christensen

Position: QHHT Practitioner | Past-Life Regressionist | Hypnotist
Categories: Hypnotherapist, Past Lives
Location: Colorado, Online

After working through my own traumas, I started helping others navigate their own dark nights of the soul and was eventually asked to step into a leadership role at my airline right before the pandemic. I provided psychological first aid to hundreds of crewmembers, helped build a team of peers to do the same, and provided training each year. I grew so much as an individual, a pilot, and as a leader navigating the challenges of the pandemic but never expected what came next.

I had just completed my training to become a commercial pilot and celebrated with getting my first Reiki attunement. That night, I had a premonition dream predicting the death of my beloved grandma. A few hours after that dream she had an accident that began her exit from this world exactly as I’d seen it. Something about that time awakened psychic abilities in me that I had never had, which was both surprising and humbling. As I sat alongside my grandma in her final moments, I tangibly felt the veil lift as she was escorted into another realm. From that moment on, I knew without a shadow of doubt there is in fact more to life after death. I didn’t know it then, but I had reached a fork in the road… do I continue down the path already paved that guaranteed money, credibility, and stability, or do I leave it all behind to explore this uncharted territory I was being called to?

It would take another year of trying to integrate the two paths before I could accept that I had changed and was being challenged to transcend the trappings of conventional success. That is when I honored the healer I’d come here to be and became a hypnosis practitioner and past-life regressionist.

The work fits like a glove! My experience in grief and trauma response has not only enabled me to navigate past-lives more effectively, but allowed clients to feel more at ease and like we’ve always known each other. Because of that, clients relax into deeper states of hypnosis allowing profound, mind-blowing information to come through! It’s absolutely incredible! It’s not uncommon for people to come into a session nervous and leave laughing feeling light-hearted and free.

Hypnosis can be great for everyone, but just like all journeys the timing is important. The question is, is this the right time for you?

People come in for a session for a variety of reasons, all stemming from improving their quality of life. Some wish to make sense of why they experienced a traumatic event, have health issues, and are stuck in an unwanted relationship dynamic; others come because they want to improve their intuition, creativity, and connection with guides. Some feel an inner sense of urgency that they need to be doing something but can’t figure out what the “something” is and want to know their purpose. Clients also come in with questions about God, the universe, and other mysterious things they experienced but could not explain.

If these questions resonate with you, then guided hypnosis is a great way to get the answers you seek. But, again, you have to be ready for it. You have to be at a place where you are willing to know you the truth of who you are and the truth of why you are faced with the challenges you are experiencing. If you’re not, that is just fine, there is nothing wrong with that. I, too, have had chapters of my life when I can truly say I was not ready. Everything happens in it’s own perfect timing. What is important is that you are honest with yourself. A QHHT session is not the next step for you. I still provide free education on my resources page that may be more appropriate for your needs at this time. However, if you do sense you truly are ready, then this can be a life-changing experience. Some benefits clients of mine have experienced post session include: enhanced intuition, sense of completion/release of past trauma, regained sense of direction, clarity on where to move to with family, relationships strengthened, sciatica pain removed, headaches free, knee degradation reversed, released fear of death, first-hand experience of the afterlife and knowing there is in fact more to this reality.

Katie is a Level 2 QHHT practitioner (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) and is also certified in Beyond Quantum Healing for remote sessions. In a session you may see a past-life, parallel life, future life, or life between lives in another realm. Throughout the experience, you’ll be guided to information and clarity around how they all connect with the present moment in the current life. Katie also hosts a monthly group past-life regression and quarterly workshops to strengthen the community’s connection with their inner guidance and wisdom. You can find more info about hypnosis, trauma responses, and events on her website