AZ Partner Mare Marais

Maré Marais

Position: Coaching | Tarot and Oracle | Energetic Alchemy | Intuitive Channel | Intuitive Alchemical Spell-work
Categories: Coaching, Oracle, Psychic, Tarot
Location: South Africa

Hi. I’m Maré.

I am a certified spiritual life coach with a special interest in authenticity. I use many modalities in my practice. The main ones are coaching, energetic alchemy, cartomancy, rune casting and intuitive alchemical spell-work. I love to bring ceremony and ritual into the world.

I hold space for people to step into their true, authentic selves. I am here to help guide you to your truest self. Each of us has unique gifts just waiting to reveal themselves. I want to help you unlock yours so you can spread the light wherever you go. So you too can ignite others. The Great Ripple Effect.

Join me on this journey to finding yourself. I will be your biggest hype girl along the way. Together we rise.

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