AZ Partner Stephanie Gray

Stephanie Gray

Position: Process Art | Creative Transmutation
Categories: Artist
Location: Missouri

Inside Out Studio

  • Are you looking for a way to transmute fear, grief, anger or stuck energy?
  • Would you like creative support and assistance in aligning with your authentic Self or connecting with your team of light?
  • Would you like to be more creative but don’t know where to start?
Hi! I’m Stephanie and I am a Creative Transformation Guide and I am passionate about using the creative process to assist others in finding their own wisdom and power
 so that they may live a more conscious/aligned  life.
I believe now more than ever as we navigate many global (and personal) paradigm shifts, creativity is vital and can be used as a tool to tap into our most authentic self. Every single one of us is born with a creative spark nestled within. That doesn’t mean we will all be artists selling our creations in galleries or writing novels. What it does mean is we ALL have the capability to create. WE ARE CREATORS.
When we work together, I use process art, writing prompts, somatic movement and intuition to move us forward on a path that will help you to uncover your unique wisdom and power.
Let’s create together and transform ourselves and the world from the inside out!