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Spirit Road

A spiritual journey podcast exploring the mysterious world and life we live in. Join hosts, Tim and Laurie, as they discuss the path we all walk with Spirit to our true selves while becoming conscious of ourselves as Divine Beings.

Latest Episode: Where Do We Go From Here (Season 1 Recap)

Where Do We Go Now
Where Do We Go Now

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Meet The Hosts

Laurie Hewitt

Tim Behrens

Laurie Hewitt has been channeling for over 30 years and her mission is to support each person’s spiritual journey. She is able to connect you with your Soul Council, guides, and angels to help you remember who you are and why you are here now.

Tim Behrens is an AZ moderator, artist, musician, and spiritual intuitive. He found his way to the spiritual community after experiencing a life-changing paradigm shift in 2018.

Spirit Road Episodes

Where Do We Go Now

Tim and Laurie reflect on Season 1 of Spirit Road, lessons learned, and where they hope to go in the upcoming Season 2.

Where Do We Go Now
Goddess With An Attitude – Part III
Goddess With An Attitude – Part II
Goddess With An Attitude – Part I
Shadow Work
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