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What are the different membership levels?

Free Spirit:

This free membership will give you access to all the events posted on the zen feed and periodic content from our trusted partners.

Love & Light:

Get everything from the Free Spirit level but also get access to exclusive spiritual content and discounts and perks from our trusted partners. You will also get access to exclusive AZ gear and limited time items.

Level Up:

This is our most popular paid option. Get everything from the Love & Light and Free Spirit Levels but also get access to a variety of premium classes, workshops, mini-readings, groups practices, meditations, giveaways and more.

Fully Connected:

Get access to everything from the Level Up, Love & Light, and Free Spirit levels but also get a monthly 30-60 minute personal reading or healing from one of our trusted partners. You will get a choice between two different practitioners every months to ensure a variety of experiences.

If I join the Fully Connected Level do I get to pick who I get my reading from?

Someone from the Awkwardly Zen Support team will send you a choice between at least two practitioners and styles to choose from each month. We will be rotating in different practitioners throughout your experience to ensure a variety of choices. 

How do I access my membership?

You can access information about your membership by clicking “My Account” under your name and picture in the menu bar.

To view the the members homepage, click on “ZEN FEED” in the menu bar.

Keep in mind the locks in the top left corner of your Zen Feed posts will tell you if you have access to each post. Each membership comes with it’s own perks so content will be divided by which level you signed up with.

Can I upgrade to a higher level?

Yes! Just click on any of the posts you don’t currently have access to and follow the directions! 

Or you can hit “MEMBERSHIP” in the menu bar or find it under “My Account.”

What if I want to cancel?

If you decide an Awkwardly Zen Membership isn’t for you, no sweat.

You can cancel your subscription within 10 days of first purchase to receive a full refund. Upon cancellation, you will no longer have access to the portal or the private Mentorship or Business groups, videos, and other content available in the portal.

To request a refund, visit Contact Us and fill out the form with your information after you have cancelled. Find your subscription in the top right drop down menu under My Account.

Alternatively, you can cancel your ongoing subscription renewal anytime. Canceling the renewal prevents your payment method from being charged again when the subscription ends (either monthly or pre-paid). You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the Mentorship Membership (including the private groups and content) through the last day of your subscription.