Awkwardly Zen Partners

While our number one focus at Awkwardly Zen is to create a safe place for your spiritual path, we also love supporting our trusted partners. In return, they love showing supporting to our members by offering special promotions. Below is a list of our current friends and a little about what they do. Meet our partners by clicking on their images below. Please let them know that Awkwardly Zen sent you if you connect with them.

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All AZ Partners go through a vetting process to become a trusted practitioner with us. That being said, Awkwardly Zen takes no responsibility for any services or issues that may come up when you are booking with or working with these partners. Please know that we always recommend seeing an actual medical or mental healthcare provider if you need one. However…these people are really great at what they do and we love that we can recommend them to you! 


Casie Coyle

Position: Akashic Records | Intuitive Readings | Reiki Healer
Categories: Akashic Records, Energy Worker, Intuitive, Reiki
Location: Colorado

Do you want to transform something in your life but are struggling to make the change? When we are in the middle of things and attached to the outcome it can be really difficult to know what limiting beliefs and blocks are getting in the way of creating an authentic, joy-filled life. Through the akashic records, I can help bring consciousness to the karmic patterns that keep replaying on auto pilot. After clearing them, it becomes easier to make choices that are in greater alignment with creating the life you want. I also offer intuitive readings to bring loving guidance from spirt and coaching to lightworkers who are just starting their journeys.

Please visit my website to see my current offerings and to book an appointment.

Casie Coyle

Akashic Records | Intuitive Readings | Reiki Healer

Jacqueline Freese

Position: Intuitive Energy Healing
Categories: Akashic Records, Channeling, Elements, Energy Worker, Healer, Oracle, Reiki, Tarot, Teacher
Location: Canada

Jacqueline’s connection with the angelic realm is a cornerstone of her practice. Through her intuitive abilities, she receives guidance and support from angelic beings, who assist in the healing process and provide profound insights and messages for her clients.

Jacqueline channels divine energy and angelic vibrations to facilitate deep healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. With her gentle presence and compassionate nature, she creates a safe and sacred space for her clients, allowing them to release energetic blockages, find inner peace, and tap into their own innate healing capacities.

I use Tarot cards as well as oracle cards for intuitive readings and channelings.

Certified in: Usui Reiki Master, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, Seraphim Blueprint Levels 1 – 6, Seraphim Blueprint Advanced Healing, Divine Mother Blue Rain Energy, Divine Mother Memory Restore, Divine Mother Planetary Energies (12), Trauma Therapy Levels 1 and 2

Jacqueline Freese

Intuitive Energy Healing

Melissa Raczka

Position: Crystal and Reiki Energy Practitioner
Categories: Crystals, Energy Worker, Healer, Reiki
Location: Colorado
Business Name: Open Light
Open Light

I am a master teacher in Usui Reiki and utilize pendulum dowsing and crystal energy healing in my practice.

I currently manage a crystal store in Olde Town Arvada and conduct Reiki classes and private sessions as well as help host a multitude of monthly metaphysical events.

I work with the intention of connecting and exchanging love energy with all I come in contact with. My passion is studying frequencies and allowing myself the freedom to explore where spirit leads me.

Please contact me to discuss private sessions.

Melissa Raczka

Crystal and Reiki Energy Practitioner

Valorie Lewis

Position: Psychic | Channel | Intuitive Card Readings | Interstellar Communicator | Spiritual Teacher | Intuitive Life Coaching
Categories: Artist, Channeling, Coaching, Energy Worker, Meditation, Medium, Psychic, Tarot, Teacher
Location: Kansas, Missouri

Goddess With An Attitude | Tarot, Unicorns & Coffee

I aspire to inspire! My passion is to inspire others to utilize their powers as creators to create life on their terms, rather than just react to what is already manifested. I provide guidance to support others on their spiritual & life journeys. I especially enjoy helping women align with divine feminine energy and embrace their Goddess Power.

I am a speaker, author & certified psychic life coach. I provide intuitive card readings, guided meditations, teach about the Law of Attraction and host several spiritually based online events.

Valorie Lewis

Psychic | Channel | Intuitive Card Readings | Interstellar Communicator | Spiritual Teacher | Intuitive Life Coaching