While our number one focus at Awkwardly Zen is to create a safe place for your spiritual path, we also LOVE supporting our trusted partners. Below is a list of our current friends and a little about what they do.  Meet our partners by clicking on their images below. Please let them know that Awkwardly Zen sent you if you connect with them. 

Amber Totsch

Position: Intuitive Energy Channel | Medium | Resonating Frequency Meditations-SoundBed
Email: amber@awkwardlyzen.com
Categories: Channeling, Clearings, Crystals, Energy Worker, Healer, Intuitive, Medium, Psychic, Sound
Location: Colorado, Online

Hello! I’m Amber, the COO of Awkwardly Zen, and also a lifelong empath, energy sensitive, channel, and medium. I connect with your energy, or personal “radio station”, for specific message for you from anyone and anything that wants to come through. I also provide sessions on my SoundBed that provides a sound and vibration experience to encourage alignment of mind, body and spirit.

I am excited to see what comes through for you whether you have a specific question or not, and check out my website for more information on the SoundBed experience and where it will be next.

30 Minute Virtual Reading $55
60 Minute Virtual Reading $107

SoundBed Sessions 10-60 Minutes $25-$120

Level Up Members receive 25% off. Please let me know if you qualify for a discount when you book.

Please book online at www.EmbersandAmber.com or email me directly EmbersandAmber@gmail.com or Amber@awkwardlyzen.com

Amber Totsch

Intuitive Energy Channel | Medium | Resonating Frequency Meditations-SoundBed
AZ Partner: Gregg Wilkins

Gregg Wilkins

Position: Sacred Sound
Email: greggwilkins@comcast.net
Categories: Healer, Reiki, Sound
Location: Colorado

Gregg Wilkins is a sound practitioner who has worked with the healing power of vibration & sound for over 25 years. His sessions are specific meditations/soundscapes using the Paiste Earth gong and other sacred sound instruments. These meditations/soundscapes and processes can help participants experience a profound level of deep healing and awareness.

Gregg attended the Chicago Musical College and was a Theory and Composition major as well as a percussionist. He also attended the State Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands where he studied the psychological and physiological effects of sound on the body as well as acoustics. He is also a Reiki Master and a Deeksha Blessing Giver.

AZ Partner: Gregg Wilkins

Gregg Wilkins

Sacred Sound

Lynn Larkin

Position: Transformational Channeling
Email: transformationalchanneling@gmail.com
Categories: Channeling, Healer, Reiki, Sound
Location: Washington State

Lorn is a group of multidimensional beings that provide energetic healing, love, wisdom, sound healing (Light Language & Toning), and humor to help us release old patterns and connect to our true selves.

They are channeled through Lynn who is a Psychotherapist, Reiki Master, and Sound Healer (certified by Tom Kenyon) and she began spontaneously channeling in 2004.

Lorn has come to help us remember the truth of who we are, divine beings who have come to this planet to learn about love and play. They are happy to answer any questions and often use humor as a fun tool to help shift the energy, release old patterns and connect to the love that we are.

Channeling Sessions:

60 minutes: $150
30 minutes: $80

Lynn Larkin

Transformational Channeling